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Regina Mixon Regina Mixon has always possessed a spirit of service; a desire to help people whose misfortunes have placed them in a vulnerable station in life.  While working for the federal government in her native city of Minden, Louisiana, she realized that people might need social services should disaster strike.  As a result, she surveyed the city to see what was available.  She then formed God’s Storehouse, whose mission was to provide residents with food, clothing, and furniture to victims of unforeseen circumstances.  .At one point, she even gave up her full time job (with benefits) to devote her time to the non-profit.  Although God’s Storehouse was short-lived, the experience of serving others, while at the same time, trying to meet her financial needs and balance family life, provided her with valuable lessons and opportunities for personal growth. A firm believer in nurturing and utilizing the talents that God has given each of us, she began placing her thoughts on paper in 1999.  “I thought I was just writing a journal,” she said, “and I later realized that the journal was the beginning of a book – sort of an autobiography.”  Entitled, “To God Be The Glory,” the book describes visions, dreams and struggles along her spiritual journey to an ever-expanding relationship with God.  Her interest in books and writing prompted her and four others to start a community-based publishing company, REGS Books, LLC, to provide an outlet for writers to share their stories with the public. “I believe books are meant to be read,” she said.  “And, I believe there is an audience waiting to read almost any type of book.” Regina continues to bless others with her message, just as she has been blessed. She draws inspiration from her grandmother’s sayings: “You know where you’ve been, but you don’t know where you’re going, so be careful how you treat others.” While she continues to work full time for the federal government, one of her goals is to grow her publishing company, expand its services and continue to collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs along the way. Along with being an author, this mother of two and grandmother of three is also a motivational speaker. Her writings can be found on her blog at and Ms. Mixon’s books can be purchased at