Plaza Towers

PLAZA NOIR is a way to promote, market and deliver your media message and assets to your specific audience and the vastly ever growing internet audience in general. Plaza Noir is a network of creative and business professionals who have recognized the advantages of communicating through new media toward enhancing their positions in the  competitive […]

When browsing Plaza Noir, you’ll find streaming media of all sorts from musical & dance performances, short films, news, talk & variety show formats, advertising, demo reels, electronic press kits, marketing presentations, travel logs, how-to videos and the list goes on. Anyone can log in and enjoy  media being featured on Plaza Noir at any […]

Business Galleria is the venue where businesses, large and small, can advertise their products and services to local and distant markets, by streaming 30 to 60 second video advertisements over the worldwide web. The Business Galleria will give your future clients the information and impetus they need to purchase your product or service. PNN will […]

Cinema Suites (CS), provides a virtual venue where actors, directors, producers, DP’s, editors, art directors, costumers, set designers, animators and other creative professionals in the media industry showcase their demo reels for the purpose of generating jobs and building career connections.

Plaza Lounge is a virtual venue where musicians, singers, dancers, comedians and other  performers showcase themselves through streaming video.

Neo-Noir Cinema (NNC) provides a venue for filmmakers and electronic media producers to screen their work to the Plaza Noir Network (PNN) of viewers.