Plaza Noir Network presents

Improvisation In Conversations
A New Performing Arts Web Series

Improvisation In Conversations is a new-media, on-location talk show webcasted via the Plaza Noir Network (PNN), which takes an up-close and personal look at the lives and work of abroad array of internationally-renowned musicians, entertainers, actors, visual artists and performers. Featuring intimate and informative conversations, commentary and eclectic insights, Improvisation In Conversations offers viewers tightly-edited, brief vignettes and segments that are entertaining, educational and enriching

PSR DPImprovisation In Conversations was created, filmed and directed by award-winning director/cameraman Paul Sabu Rogers, who also is the founder of PNN and a pioneer of new-media programming. Rogers sees Improvisation In Conversations as an opportunity to converge new media and the arts, providing viewers with visually-engaging and behind-the-scenes access to creatives whose works continue to shape their respective genres.
The pilot episodes. “Tales from the Whale,” chronicle the 75th birthday celebration of legendary jazz musician Bennie Maupin. Filmed during Maupin’s two-night appearance at The Blue Whale Jazz Club located in the Little Tokyo area of Los Angeles, Maupin performs with his ensemble, featuring guest artists, and reunites with friends and fans who have been devoted followers of his illustrious, 50-year career. Lorrainr&LeRoy1revThe segments are co-anchored by renowned jazz aficionado LeRoy Downs and the up-and-coming South African artIst L’orriane Engling, offering perspectives to multi-generations of fans.
lorriane EnglingImprovisation In Conversations is an exciting and thought-provoking, new-media option of interest to and available for a global audience.